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Lyrebird! a true story

‘Well heavens to Betsy! ..
You’re no ordinary chook!’

When Edith met a cheeky young lyrebird on her garden path, she could not guess that he would one day be known as ‘A Miracle of the Dandenongs’.

This true story, retold by Jackie Kerin and beautifully illustrated by Peter Gouldthorpe, celebrates a remarkable friendship between a gardener and one of Australia’s most extraordinary birds.

Published by Museum Victoria, 2012.

Available online from Booktopia and in selected bookstores.

Also available as an ebook from iTunes.

You can see archival footage of Lyrebird James in this
short film version of the story
made by Jackie Kerin and Malcolm McKinnon.

Lyrebird! is a CBCA Honour Book 2013 and received a
Whitley Awards Certificate of Commendation 2013


book cover: Phar Lap
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Phar Lap the wonder horse

The story of Phar Lap is known and loved by people of all ages. In this version, his story is told in the form of a ballad, evoking the magic and charm of traditional storytelling.

Illustrated with the vivid pictures of award-winning artist Patricia Mullins, this is a beautiful introduction to the legend of Phar Lap. Patricia has used coloured tissue and a variety of Japanese, Nepalese and Indian papers as well as crayon and photo montage.

Published by Museum Victoria 2008.

More information on Museum Victoria website

Award Winning Bush Verse & Stories 2012

(ed: Max and Jacqui Merckenschlager)

The first nationally distributed anthology wholly dedicated to competition winners taking inspiration from the Australian bush and way of life.






AWAW book cover

Award Winning Australian Writing

This anthology is an exciting initiative that aims to bring together the country’s award-winning fiction short stories and bush poetry. Several of Australia’s most prestigious competitions are participating in the book; however, AWAW also encourages the participation of those small names that make up Australia’s varied literary landscape.

Published by Melbourne Books, 2009.




Pigeons book cover

Pigeons: Stories in the post

Pigeons are a community group dedicated to assisting children in improving their literacy skills and developing a passion for reading and writing. Pigeon Letters paired students from a suburban primary school with Australian children's authors in collaborative writing projects, through the exchange of letters. I was matched with Kaydi. The result of our collaboration is a fantastic story called Cooking Up A New Friend.

The project is a testament to the energy and enthusiasm of Jenna Williams and Lachlann Carter, the drivers of this project, and to the teachers and authors who donated their time. Other authors involved in the project: Sally Rippin, Claire Saxby, Jane Godwin, Michael Wagner, Tony Wilson, Michael Hyde, Michael Pryor, Paul Collins, Meredith Costain, Alison Lloyd and Kirsty Murray.

More information on the 100 Story Building website. 














Insite magazine cover

Insite Magazine

Members magazine for Museums Australia (Victoria)
Feb-April 2010 (Cover photo: Darren James)

Breathing life into text: Working with oral culture

Working as a storyteller in cultural institutions

Working with historical tales

Download PDF version







The Adventures of Split Dog & Ol' Joe

In her enthusiasm to see Intelligent Tall Tales in the universe as a comic, and being unable to convince a publisher that it was a grand idea, Jackie made her own.
The comics sell for $2.00 each and Jackie says, 'There is nothing so heart warming as exchanging a warm and sticky gold coin for an ephemeral little book'.

Split Dog (the dog who is two legs up and two legs down) appears in traditional stories in Britain, America and Australia. But these are all original Split Dog stories, and there are more to come.



The Adventures of Split Dog & Ol' Joe 2

The second Split-dog comic is now out!