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Tales from the Flyway

Tales from the Flyway is a storytelling show I developed with violinist Sarah Depasquale. Sarah and I share a love of wetlands and birds, especially those found at our doorstep in Hobsons Bay.

Together we will take you on a journey following the path of migratory shore birds, from south-east Australia to Siberia, along the East Asian Australasian Flyway. The show is playful and occasionally enlightening.

The tales

The structure of Tales from the Flyway is simple. If we were to fly with the birds and visit the chain of wetlands in the countries along the Flyway, what stories might we hear? I’ve collected stories from Indonesia, Thailand and Siberia and Sarah has woven them together with Vivaldi, Bach, Massenet and pieces she has composed especially.

Our final story is a kamishibai that has been passed down the Flyway from the Yatsu-Higata Observation Centre in Japan, to Boondall Wetlands in Brisbane (2008) and then on to us for telling in Hobsons Bay (2015). Receiving this story is a confirmation that there are people who see the big picture and don’t allow obstacles to get in the way of an idea.


We thank Yatsu-Higata, Brisbane City Council and the Rangers at Boondall Wetlands.

Tales from the Flyway recognises the work of Friends Groups, rangers and individuals who work to maintain the wetlands, not just in Melbourne’s west but all along the Flyway.


Duration: 50 minutes


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