Jackie Kerin - Writer - Storyteller


Literary Festivals

The tradition of storytelling is connected to the book, like blossom is to fruit.

Many yarns and folk tales once spoken, now live only in books. What happens when these stories are lifted off the page and placed back onto the tongue?

I introduced storytelling to the Williamstown Literary Festival in 2009 with my presentation: Before there were books, there were stories and returned in 2010 with musician Greg O’Leary for Tell me a story. In 2012, with the help of my colleagues, I developed The Canterbury Tales Book Club Project.

At the inaugural Newstead Short Story Tattoo 2009 I told stories around a roaring campfire at the Newstead Racecourse.

Along with my mates from Storytelling Australia (Victoria), I am a familiar face at the Daylesford Words in Winter – a celebration of words in all their forms and expressions throughout the Hepburn Shire.

As an author in Award Winning Australian Writing, I was invited to speak at the launch of this book at the Melbourne Writers Festival along with other contributors.

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Community Festivals

I am a familiar face at Community Festivals. Both as a solo performer and in collaboration with other storytellers and musicians I have developed programs for both adults and children.

My style is true to my traditional roots, simple, direct storytelling – an emphasis on the relationship with the audience and quality tales.

In collaboration with fellow storytellers I have worked at:

A quiet and intimate space eg small tent, library.

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Folk Festivals

I am a seasoned folkie. I am a regular at Port Fairy and the only person to have won the Pat Glover Storytelling Award three times. In 2010 I was invited to join the judging panel.

I have been short listed twice for the Spirit of Woodford original stories and yarns Award and was the winner 2008.

I regularly tell stories for children and families at the Newport Folk Festival and organised and MCd the inaugural spoken word event for this Festival.

I am committed to seeing storytelling on the Folk Festival programs and have worked both behind the scenes and on stage to keep yarns spinners in the spotlight.

Children's Festivals

In 2012 I offered storytelling and Kamishibai workshops for the inaugural Winter Kid's Festival







Bookings: Contact Jackie directly, phone 0412 210 098 or

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